Haines Hunter 635L Repower

Haines Hunter 635L Mercruiser 6.2L Repower

This Haines Hunter 635L is getting an engine repower! The former Mercruiser 228 is being replaced by a Mercruiser 6.2L 300hp Bravo I package.

Sealink Marine have had to preset the engine alignment before installing the engine and flow coating the hull. This is done due to the tight space in the hull. By pre-setting the alignment, we can make sure the engine fits and allow for any fabrication work that may be needed.


Following this, the Mercruiser 6.2L was lifted out of the hull again so more modification work could be done. The engine mounts have been modified. Fresh holes were cut to take the new gimbal bearing. And the side wall was altered to fit the new control box. In addition to this, the engine bay had to be modified to fit the engine before it could be fitted and permanently aligned. The wiring and harnesses have now been connected and the next step is to flow coat the Haines Huner 635L floor. Check out all the progress below:





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